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Harness the power of the Sun with 17 deals on solar powered charging stations

Dec 24, 2021 3:32PM

If you love getting outdoors, you're gonna want to stock up on awesome gear before the weather gets warm again. One of the outright coolest pieces of gear you can get yourself for your next adventure is a high-capacity solar charging station. This roundup of 17 awesome power stations all harness the energy of the sun and convert it into endless enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

HyperGear Solar 10,000mAh Power Bank — $34.99; originally $39 

Never get stranded without power again with this HyperGear solar bank. With an industry-leading 20%+ solar energy conversion rate, this power bank can quickly charge two devices simultaneously and includes a built-in compass and LED flashlight. 

Sun Chaser 20,000mAh Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charger — $59.99; originally $129 

This power bank converts the energy of the sun (or nearly any light) and converts and stores up to 20,000mAh of energy. Charge up to three devices simultaneously with two USB ports and a Qi-enabled charging pad. 

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler — $635; originally $749 

This solar-powered cooler harnesses the energy of the Sun and uses it to keep your belongings cool. Forget packing a cooler with ice that will weigh you down and eventually melt, the 144Wh power bank pulls all the energy it needs from the Sun and doubles as a charging station. 

GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven — $116; originally $139 

With an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, the GoSun Go is one of the most reliable portable solar ovens on the market. Only two pounds and with the power to convert solar energy into a station bake, roast, steam, or boil. 

Sun Chaser Mini 10,000mAh Solar Powered Wireless Phone Charger — $44.99; originally $119 

This powerful solar bank has enough energy to charge the average smartphone 1.5x and a tablet 1x. Don't worry if you need more than that — the solar panels will refill the 10,000mAh battery quickly with the energy of the Sun. 

HomePower ONE: Backup Battery Power Station — $949.99; originally $1,299 

This is the ultimate home power station. With more than 1,000Wh, you can power all the electronics in your home as well as many small appliances for up to 7 days. 

Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE — $1,399; originally $1,897 

Enjoy all of the peace of mind and protection for your home in times of emergency that are offered by the HomePower ONE with the boundless energy source of the Sun. This bundle includes the incredible home power station as well as two, high-efficiency solar panels to bring the HomePower ONE up to full charge again. 

EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel — $289.99; originally $399 

Prepare yourself for emergencies or take your next trip even further off the grid with the EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel. This foldable high-efficiency silicon solar cell can quickly recharge your power station.

25,000mAh Solar Power Bank — $69.99; originally $89 

Stay connected wherever you go with this massive 25,000mAh charging bank. Power up to four devices simultaneously with the Qi-enabled pad, two USB ports, and USB-C port. 

EcoFlow River Power Station with 110W Solar Panel — $748.99

Stay connected no matter where you go with the high-efficiency, durable EcoFlow solar cells, and the River power bank. This power station can deliver up to 1,800W and features a modular design allowing it to double its battery capacity. 

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Power Station with 110W Solar Panel — $979.99; originally $1,049 

The same reliability and performance from EcoPro in an even more powerful package. Keep all your devices charged no matter where you go with the high-performance solar panels and go from 720Wh to 1,440Wh with the modular battery design. 

EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel — $339; originally $449 

This 160W solar panel is designed for maximum power output. Perfect for charging your power station, this high-efficiency, waterproof panel is capable of charging (albeit more slowly) even in overcast conditions. 

EcoFlow DELTA + 110W Solar Panel — $1,439; originally $1,798 

The EcoFlow DELTA allows you to charge all your devices and power any tools up to 1,800W for ultimate comfort in the great outdoors. The DELTA features patented X-Stream technology which enables the station to recharge up to 10x faster than other power stations. 

EcoFlow DELTA + 160W Solar Panel — $1,499; originally $1,849 

All the power and express charging abilities of the EcoFlow DELTA with a solar panel to match. The 160W panel ensures you can charge your EcoFlow power station even faster than before and pull in power in less favorable sun conditions. 

EcoFlow RIVER Max + 110W Solar Panel — $689.95; originally $889 

The EcoFlow RIVERMax combines some of the features of the larger EcoFlow stations in a smaller package. Power tools and appliances up to 1,800W and use the X-Stream technology and 110W solar panel to charge the RIVER Max from 0-80% in as little as one hour. 

EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Solar Panel — $999.95; originally $1,099 

This combo featuring the EcoFlow RIVER Pro and 160W solar panel is great to combine a lighter battery need with optimal charging speeds. The modular design of the EcoFlow river can deliver up to 576Wh of power, and the 160W panel can recharge the station in more Sun conditions. 

BougeRV 180W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel —  $174.99; originally $192 

This solar panel is perfect for your RV, camper, or even your home. The powerful 180W panel can charge a 12V battery, or up to an 18,24, or 48V when linked with other panels in a chain. 

Prices subject to change. 

Paul McGarry