Solar Energy

New Solar Shingles Can Be Nailed In Place

Jan 11, 2022 11:40PM

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New Solar Shingles Can Be Nailed In Place (

Posted by BeauHD on Wednesday January 05, 2022 @05:00AM from the power-producing-roofs dept.

FangVT writes: Ars Techinca reports on GAF Energy's new solar shingles which are designed to save on installation costs. They are not only designed to look similar to existing asphalt shingles but to be installed in much the same way, including being nailed in place. The system has moved the wiring to the top, so as to simplify inspections and repairs. "Because each one of our panels is 45 Watts and only 10 volts, we have access to a whole host of electronic components that don't have to be able to withstand 300 Watts, 50 volts," the company says. "That allows us to be more efficient in the electricity generated from those panels." And in what they say is a first, UL has certified the shingles both as solar panels and as roofing materials. The company also says they come with a 25 year warrant and will be offering a more comprehensive warranty that will also include guaranteed power output.

They wouldn't provide a hard number on the price, but "a homeowner won't pay any more for a GAF solar roof than they would if they were to get a new roof and have someone put solar on it," said GAF Energy CEO Martin DeBono. "That's our benchmark. We're half the cost of a Tesla solar roof in any given market right now."

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Paul McGarry